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Georgia is one of the most vibrant and populous states in the country. Everything from a melting pot of cultures, the entertaining nightlife, and the wonderful weather makes the state so appealing. However, Georgia isn’t without threats.

Whether it’s you, or one of your loved ones that was seriously injured in a complex shooting, contacting an experienced attorney at The Cotto Law Group will guarantee you find you justice against those who are responsible for your pain. Our shooting victim lawyers work closely with you and law enforcement to win you fair compensation from financial and non-financial losses you had to encounter due to the shooting.

Common Reasons Apartment Shootings Happen


While no one can control who commits crimes like these, the crime itself can be prevented when certain factors are in place. In the absence of law enforcement, the property owner is responsible for making sure all the residents in the complex are safe. Property owners need to ensure their property is as safe and well secured as possible.

Situations That Can Influence A Shooting:

-Poor Lighting In The Complex:

When complexs don’t have adequate lighting it leaves room for criminal activity to happen. This is indicative that the management of the apartments display negligent behavior by not prioritizing the safety of the tenants.

-Lack Of Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a major deterrent of crime. If someone believes they will be easily identified committing a crime by the camera footage, they are less likely to commit that crime. When disputing who was responsible for the shooting in the court, camera footage acts alone as major evidence of what happened before, during, and after the shooting.

-Neglect Screening of Tenants

Most apartment shootings are caused by the people who actually live in these complexes. There are times where people will use firearms in places they don’t live, but the vast majority of shooters are tenants of the complex where the shooting occured. Complex owners are responsible for doing safety screenings of all potential tenants to ensure they are not a risk to the other tenants in the building.

-Negligent Security

Having on-site security officers patrolling the premises is another way to heavily discourage apartment shootings. Tenants are more likely to feel safer in a building if it is properly secured.



Who Can Be Held Liable For The Shooting?

Liability for apartment shootings can be more complicated than it first may seem. It is important to discuss with your attorney about who could be held responsible for a shooting. This liability can fall on multiple people.

Parties that can be held liable:

-The Shooter

The shooter is the first liable party in every case. They are clearly at fault for the actions they have taken and should be held responsible. If a shooter can not be found or even if a shooter is charged as liable for a shooting, there may still be other parties who can be also be held partially responsible.

-The Security (If Applicable)

If there is a security guard on-site, they are responsible for your safety at any time of the day. It’s their job to uphold reasonable security measures at the highest regard to prevent any mass shooting incidents from happening. Failure to do so makes them just as liable as anyone else involved and can put a damper on the security companies with nonchalant security personnel.

-The Management

The owner or manager of a complex can be held liable for a shooting if they didn’t follow the proper precautions to keep the building safe.  Due to their negligence behavior, their breach of duty of care can be factored into the claim and you can seek out full compensation for it.

What Can You Be Compensated For?

Economic Losses

An economic loss affects your financial situation. These can hold you back due to the accident itself. Here are some economic losses you can be compensated for:

  • Lost Wages From Recovery Time
  • Medical Expenses (Current & Future)
  • Funeral Expenses (If applicable)

Non-Economic Losses

These are losses cover all things that aren’t directly financial. They more so carry a bigger impact on someone’s well being opposed to their financial security. It can also affect your future in acquiring more payment if you’re unable to do so. Here are some non-economic losses you can be compensated for:

  • Pain And Suffering
  • Permanent Debilitating Injuries
  • Emotional Distress
  • Wrongful Death Of Loved One (If applicable)

What To Do When Involved In An Apartment Shooting?

The aftermath of a shooting is a difficult time for everyone involved. You may be injured, in complete shock, and you may have witnessed a fatality leaving your traumatized. However, there are some vital steps that you will need to take in order to get the compensation you deserve. Here are some things to do immediately after the shooting:

-Call 911

The very first step is speaking with authorities to ensure your safety. Once the police arrive, it is important to acquire a police report or any type of documentation from a police officer in order to proceed with your lawsuit.

-Take Pictures of The Scene

If you are able to document the scene, anything you capture can be used in your case. Videos, pictures, and anything that shows proof of your injuries and failure by the apartment complex to protect your safety. This will play an integral part in getting your fair compensation and trying to prove negligence of the complex manager or security officer.

-Seek Medical Help

Medical attention for your wounds should be the highest priority of you and everyone around you. Make sure any care you receive is well documented.

-Speak With Any Eyewitnesses

Any witnesses surrounding the scene can be helpful. Their recollection of the events that happened acts as pivotal evidence towards this case. Collect any names, addresses, or any important information from the eyewitnesses after speaking with police and receiving medical attention.

-Reach Out To A Shooting Victim Attorney

Once the immediate threat has passed, you should reach out to attorney to begin building a case to recover what you have lost. Our apartment shooting lawyers at The Cotto Law Group will take every step with you through this process. We will help file your paperwork, talk to police about the incident, and help you receive a settlement for all of your suffering.

How Will Our Legal Teams At Cotto Law Group Help?

Here at Cotto Law Group, our shooting victim attorneys help maximize the compensation for victims. We do everything during the legal process to prove to the court who the party accountable was during the shooting to press criminal charges. We fight tooth and nail for criminal prosecution, lost wages from being a shooting victim, medical costs, and even pain and suffering. 
The lawyers here make sure that you leave the court a winner and on your way to becoming whole again. We not only care about what you win in court, but your well being outside of court. Our clients leave with a high head after their case has been resolved and feel confident enough to pass the word around to the next shooting victim to contact us!

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