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Hello and welcome to The Cotto Law Group’s official blog page! We’re thrilled you’re reading and can’t wait to really dive into the often complex world of law. We completely understand that you have many questions and unique circumstances, which likely led you here to our law firm today.

Fear not, because we have answers to your questions and truly honor the great responsibility we’ve been given to supply the information you require. The law is dense and full of tiny details and years of precedent stacked upon each other, which make it difficult to understand at times (trust us, we went through years of school to grasp it!), which is why you need a confident, competent and compassionate advocate on your side.

The Cotto Law Group here in Georgia would like to take this opportunity to give you the chance to get and know us a little better so that you come in knowing exactly what you’re getting from us as we guide you through whatever legal trouble lies ahead.

Attorney Isaac F. Cotto

Let’s start right at the top with our visionary leader, the man who makes this law firm tick. Attorney Isaac F. Cotto came to The Cotto Law Group right here in Duluth, GA with the goal of providing everyone exceptional legal counsel and representation, no matter the legal situation or circumstances.

There is no area of the law Mr. Cotto does not excel in. He is a capable and proven attorney in immigration, personal injury, family and criminal law. Whether fighting for your rights, or commanding the courtroom, his clients rest assured that they have the best legal representation available in the state of Georgia.

Mr. Cotto attended and graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and has lived in Georgia since 2001 after growing up in New York City. Mr. Cotto formed a passion for addressing the immigration issues facing this country and volunteered during law school for the Georgia Lation Alliance for Human Rights, also known as the GLAHR.

He also is a veteran of the United States Military, serving five years in the U.S. Army as a military police officer. Mr. Cotto is a proud member of the American Bar Association as well as the Georgia Bar Association and American Immigration Law Association.

Mr. Cotto is our lead immagration lawyer for our clients seeking aid with immigration, especially in matters of deportation proceedings, which is his specialty.

Our Georgia Law Firm

We have proudly helped hundreds of people and their families in the 30-plus years since our inception. We are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights in immigration and ensuring  you are properly compensated for another person’s wrongful actions with exceptional personal injury lawyers.

We provide free legal consultations in order to hear your particular situation and needs and tailor our strategies to give you the exceptional representation you deserve. This is done both in the courtroom and in any other capacity you require our services.

Our law firm builds well-rounded cases using our resources and proven methods to find you legal success. We also speak Spanish and represent truly everyone who needs us. Our hope is you schedule your free consultation and see for yourself just what we bring to the table.

Contact Us Today!

Don’t waste another minute, as every second can potentially be critical when it comes to any legal matter. Call The Cotto Law Group today and schedule your free consultation so we can begin building your custom-needed legal representation immediately.

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