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The Cotto Law Group has the professional skills and expertise to handle family law cases. Especially difficult because of child custody issues, we understands how difficult divorce cases are. Emotionally charged, the child custody issue requires an attorney who advocates for both the child and parent as a good lawyer works carefully for the family as a whole. The attorney uses only the facts in the custody case with a forward-looking attitude toward the future of the child.


The Cotto Law Group is always ready to give a complimentary initial consultation on the intricacies of child custody within the context of family law. Knowing that each family and each child are different, attorney Isaac F. Cotto investigates and researches every case individually, applying a fair and active way to settle the case. The primary goal of the lawyer is normalcy for family and child and a correct and proper custody arrangement.




Custody proceedings can be separate from the divorce case itself. The lawyer must be skilled in identifying the family needs case by case. Needs include family activities the parent does with the child, time spent with the child, time the spouse spends with the child, and personal circumstances and travel.


The attorney should also consider negative family dynamics such as arguments, swearing, shouting, threats and other extremely difficult behaviors. Any skilled lawyer will understand how to clearly present the family dynamic to the judge assigned to the custody case. The attorney will encourage the client to note behavior issues carefully for inclusion in the particulars of the case.


The family court system in Georgia can be intricate and even tricky to navigate well. However, The Cotto Law Group attorney Isaac F. Cotto has studied the law and knows those intricacies and can lead the family through them.


Isaac is fully appraised of any changes in family law; so nothing is a surprise. Each family and the child involved will have the best attorney possible for their case. Attorney advice is thorough and compassionate, and the custody case is less of a burden to the family when the case and its process are explained step by step.


The Cotto Law Group will make the custody case very clear to the judge so he understands the strong parent and child ties and the need for a stable living situation and consistent source of income to support the child. Isaac helps the client advocate for the family, including honestly delineating the problems with the other parent.


Child custody cases do not have to involve bad feelings toward the other party involved. Attorney Isaac F. Cotto will emphasize in preparation of the case and its presentation in the court of law is the child and his best interests. This is a guarantee from The Cotto Law Group to each client. Contact the office today for a free initial consultation with an attorney the family can count on.




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